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Lowe Art Museum Family Day Celebration
Date: Sunday, March 16
Time: 1pm - 4pm
Venue: Lowe Art Museum
Location: 1301 Sanford Drive, Coral Gables
Price: Free
Ages: Baby (under 2), Preschooler (2-5), Kids (5-10), Tweens, Adults, 3-13
Event Website:


Master storyteller and puppeteer, Hobey Ford, shines the spotlight on three Native American tales teaching about light and life. December is the season of light as we celebrate the turn from the darkest day of the year back toward the sun and longer days of light to come. The native people told numerous stories about fire and the sun to teach not only about light and warmth but to shine a light on many life lessons. "Little Grandmother Spider Woman" is a Cherokee animal tale from North Carolina about the danger of fire. The story is also about false pride and boastfulness, or in other words, bragging. Through the story, we also learn about an important craft of the Cherokees: pottery. "Raven steals the sun" is a Haida tale telling of Raven the Trickster's antics in stealing back the sun from a selfish chief who keeps the sun in a box for himself. In "The Gift of Fire", gifts were given to all creatures except man, so hummingbird flies to the sun to bring back a gift for man. Man discovers the uses and dangers of fire in this cautionary tale.

"Tales of Light" - Native American Puppet Performance for All Ages
1 p.m. - 2 p.m.
UM Storer Auditorium
2 p.m. - 3 p.m. visit the museum for a scavenger hunt and art activities.


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