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The Munchkin Fun Blog: Miami News, Events & Trends

Big City Mom's tips for surviving the first few months

Welcome to motherhood! These first few months are incredible, surprising, overwhelming & wonderful (perspective can change daily). Get advice on surviving (and thriving) the first few months from the experts - Big City Moms shares their four go-to tips...

  • Invest in a baby carrier. Newborns are very needy at the most inconvenient times. It never fails- just as you think they are quietly sleeping so you can go about cleaning and roaming around the home - they will cry! Carry them in a comfy carrier - they are comfortable and you can continue what you are doing by having your "hands-free". We love the Ergo baby carrier.
  • A good sound machine that is loud enough and portable is a must have! Drown out all the outside noise while at the same time soothing your baby to sleep will help with sleep training in the long term. Check out the Dhom from Marpac.
  • A great multipurpose stroller that fits well with your lifestyle is super important. Do your research ahead of time and make sure to "play around" with the strollers you think you are interested in ahead of time.  Things to think about: portability, weight, fold and carseat compatibility. Just because a stroller works for your friend - doesn't mean it will work for you.
  • Purchase and bring your breast pump with you to the hospital. Invest in a small and powerful breast pump. Small so you can transport it and store it easily and powerful so you can pump quicker and and not be a slave to the pump.

Learn more from the pros when they visit in person at Biggest Baby Shower Miami Feb 4 at Jungle Island. 100 companies & experts (including Munchkin Fun Miami) will be on hand to share, hang & show you the ropes. Tickets start at $35, click here to buy.



The Munchkin Fun Blog: News, Events & Trends

Freebie fun, cake, crafts & top picks for the week

Welcome to September! Time is racing by - lots of fun on tap for this week… read more

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